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Horta da Granja

Specialized in fruits & vegetables

  • a family business in the third generation
  • since 1978
  • with four market stalls in the market hall of Portimão
  • fresh fruits and vegetables of the Algarve
  • Daily Fresh Herbs & Piri Piri
  • juicy wild berries, fresh strawberries or cherries depending on the season
  • popular mushrooms & fresh algae
  • the best Caldo Verde of the region, freshly cut, directly from the cabbage cutting machine, take a look at these stands to see if you discover the machine, the stalls are right next to each other and opposite each other
  • Algarve oranges and citrus fruits from the neighborhood, a treat in winter
  • wonderful pickled olives in different variations, with garlic, herbs or lemon

António Pacheco, LDA.

Specialized in tuna, bream & barbel

  • this well-established family business of António and his son offer daily fresh fish from the Algarve coast
  • small but nice, that's António's motto
  • the two always offer one of the best tuna
  • a specialty are fresh eels, small or large, which always depends on the season
  • Red mullet is the gourmet fish, here you will occasionally find large specimens that are very easy to prepare
  • Red mullet are bone-heavy fish that are only worthwhile from a size of 20-30 centimeters, as the bones can then be easily found
  • in summer Antónios sardines are always the right size
  • Sardine time is June to September

Albino Santos e Filha

Specialized in catshark, rays & monkfish

  • Albino has been running its fish stand since 1984, with a small selection of special fish
  • its perfect and absolutely fresh offer is limited to, monkfish [Tamboril], rays [Raia], pork [Peixe de Porco] and catshark [Pata Rocha]
  • sovereign and with a great knowledge of these fish, Albino has been running his fish stand with his daughter in recent years.
  • take the time to stay with Albino for a few minutes and watch him at work 
  • Albino has perfected skin peeling in catshark and pigfish
  • Catshark and pork must be offered to you skinless by the fishmonger
  • since you are not able to peel off this skin yourself, it is really difficult and only with the right tool
  • whether monkfish, catshark or rays, Albino gives you your fish ready to cook so that you can prepare it immediately

Maria Eugenio Pacheco

Specialized in spider fish & flying fish

  • Maria is the fillet queen of this market
  • She has been at the market for forty years with her husband at her side, offering her fish
  • Maria offers on request, almost 100% bones and scales free fish
  • Maria specializes in flying fish [Ruivo] and spider fish [Aranha], which are exceptional and highly sought after.
  • this small rustic and lovingly designed fish stand, hides again and again mysterious fish that you have not seen yet 
  • Maria is always good for a tasty surprise

M.J.D. Macario, LDA

Specialized in octopus, mussels, scabbard fish, butt fish & big fish

  • a fishmonger family, for 50 years in the fourth generation
  • represented with two stalls in the Market Hall of Portimão
  • regularly and uniquely offers all three squid species
  • his butt fish such as sole, turbot or acevia are always fresh and really delicious
  • Miniature squid like lulinos are the specialty
  • again and again large caught sea bream, robal and redfish are on offer
  • ask for fillets for your fish, this is certainly possible

Paulo e Paula

Specialized in pork, bream, shrimp, mussels & squid

  • a family business in the third generation
  • with tradition and cohesion
  • Mother, daughter and grandchildren on their backs at daily work
  • here fresh mussels are offered daily, it's worth it
  • regional fine small prawns directly from the Algarve coast a specialty of this family
  • Paula regularly offers already prepared fillets of various fish
  • the pork fish [Peixe de Porco] can be found here completely without skin in the display
  • Robalo and sea bream friends get their money's worth here, Paula offers great specimens with a nice size directly from the Atlantic, on request Paula or her daughter prepares the fish for you as a fillet

Pedro Omar

Specialized in sardines, tuna, bream, brackfish, rays & tuna

  • Pedro comes from a family of fishmongers and has had his own stall in the market hall of Portimão for several years.
  • its brackish fish come from the west coast near Sarges and are very good
  • the fillets Pedro cuts are perfect
  • in summer you can find the best and fattest sardines in the Algarve at Pedro
  • its sea bream and other bream, are always fresh and with a nice size
  • for a small talk and a fun Pedro is always available

Zona Bué

Specialized in swordfish, mussels, octopus, scabbardfish, barbel & bream

  • fishmonger for 23 years
  • known for its fresh selection of mussels
  • always offers special fish outside the normal offer
  • almost always has fresh swordfish fillet
  • depending on the season, he also offers small mini fish for frying
  • Red mullet always have a nice size with him and inspire gourmets again and again
  • Squid from small to large

Duarte de caldeirada

Specialized in pork, caldeirada, rays, catshark, moray eels & monkfish

  • young fishmonger family
  • compiles special blends for the caldeirada [traditional Portuguese fish soup]
  • perfectly prepares moray eels by Duarte expertly removing the back wheel of the moray eel with all bones, which is very important with this fish
  • pork and catshark pulls off the skin in training 
  • on request, Duarte also offers fillets of fish
  • telephone orders are possible