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Every week on Thursday, Friday and Saturday under the guidance of Martin Busse

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Now in its second generation

Beatrice Busse welcomes you charmingly in the Kulinarium and accompanies you through your culinary stay in our restaurant.

For cocktail connoisseurs

Tochter Beatrice Busse
Tochter Beatrice Busse

You can expect fine, new and refined creations from chef and patissier René Busse. Let yourself be surprised and enjoy new and tempting culinary inspiration.

Son - René Busse
Son - René Busse

Annett and Martin Busse,

the founders of the Martins-Kulinarium restaurant,

will continue to be available daily for the Cookery School-Algarve,

Kulinarium-Academy, as well as entertaining conversations,

questions and advice.


Clear cold tomato essence

With focaccia

Prepared by master hands, clear cold tomato essence that is not red. This elegant, refreshing summer soup is served with home-baked Focaccia bread and

a juicy one Tomato insert.



Starter A

Marinated beef fillet with shallot vinaigrette and confit egg yolk

Finely sliced, house-pickled Portuguese beef fillet shines with a house-style shallot vinaigrette. This spectacular appetizer is served with a confit egg yolk with cherries and homemade brioche, 

Seasonal salad.



Starter B

Stuffed chicory boats with oranges, bacon and feta cheese

The classic of the house. Chicory boats filled with a delicately seasoned orange salad. This salad creation, which has been popular for years, is served with seedless olives, crispy fried bacon, marinated feta cheese cubes,

as well as mild chili, fresh parsley and

a homemade honey dressing.



Salad A

César Salad Kulinarium Style

Juicy finely sliced chicken breast fried in a sensational herb crispy coating, leans deliciously on a crispy salad heart selection, with fried croutons, crispy bacon and shaved Parmesan cheese. This globally popular salad combination, traditionally refined with a homemade César dressing,

is served with light anchovies and

juicy capers with mustard.



Salad B

Caramelized Goat Cheese with Beetroot and Raspberry Dressing

Distinctive caramelized goat cheese from

the region snuggles up on a juicy bed of beetroot and seasonal lettuce variations,

on seductively fragrant raspberry

dressing and beguiling walnuts.



For tapas fans

Fine tapas

  • juicy ham from Algarve pork
  • Marinated feta cheese cubes
  • homemade olive paté
  • Chickpea paté with herbs and garlic


You are a big tapas fan

and can't get enough of it. You want to share this delicious experience with your loved ones and friends. A convivial evening with the perfect starter!

Then order an appetiser tapas platter from us in advance. We will be happy to cater to your preferences and wishes and give you a warm welcome.

[Only on advance booking, at least

1 day in advance and only from 3 persons]

Organic olive oil in a class of its own

You will receive a sample from us free of charge.

Ask for our special organic olive oil in a class of its own, from small purple olives from northern Portugal. With its extravagant, fine and gentle flavour, this very fine product is a speciality for all gourmets.

Available in 1 litre bottles or 5 litre canisters.

Main course A

Involtini made from Portuguese young beef filled with spinach and regional cheese

Handmade Involtini from young Portuguese beef, prepared by master chef René. These very popular meat roulades are filled with fresh spinach and regional cheese. This gourmet specialty is served with a delicately seasoned port wine jus, fresh mushrooms, an onion and celery puree with spring leeks and braised shallots baked potato balls.


Normal portion €22.80

Small portion €20.80

Main course B

Schweine Filet mit Thymian

Chicken saltimbocca with sage

and smoked Algarve ham

Juicy saltimbocca from chicken

fresh sage and finely sliced smoked Algarve pork ham. This summery flavor spectacle is served with a sage-butter-foam sauce, fried zucchini, with peppers and handmade

Herb and potato balls.


Normal portion €18.30

Small portion €16.30

Main course C

Fish prepared really tasty

for fish insiders

98 % bone free

Tuna in a sesame coating

Fresh tuna of the day fried in a crispy sesame coating. This fish creation, popular with gourmets, is served with homemade teriyaki sauce, mango, seasonal vegetable strips and a fresh, handmade,

Spring roll.


Normal portion €23.40

Small portion €21.40

Main course D

Vegetarian combinations

Baked goat cheese thaler on tomato salsa with risotto

Juicy fried goat cheese thaler is served with this fine vegetarian combination with mild dried tomato salsa on a pea noodle dish.

Risotto with fresh regional herbs

and crunchy spring onion.


Normal portion €18.30

Small portion €16.30

Main course Vegan

Ask for our vegan combination

On request

Our kitchen will prepare daily fresh, seasonal and regional vegan combinations

for you.


Portion €18,30



Homemade desserts

Dessert A

Whole milk chocolate mousse with vanilla crumble and fruits

Handmade milk chocolate mousse with vanilla crumble and fresh

Seasonal fruits.



Dessert B


Bee sting cake

Annett's homemade popular bee

sting cake.



Dessert C

Nougat ice cream

Handmade nougat ice cream.



Dessert D

Honey parfait with crumble

and figs

Expertly prepared honey parfait with Algarve crumble and figs.



Dessert E

Noble and rare dessert wine

from the Algarve

A fine and rare dessert wine is the perfect rare dessert wine to savour, or as an accompaniment to a suitable dessert.



Elegant & Fantastic

For lovers of fine flavours

Affogato al caffé

Espresso with vanilla ice cream



Homeland pleasure menu

Over the years, we have not only grown fond of our guests,

but also many recipes and creations from our kitchen.

We would like to give you the opportunity to visit us and savour our

Homeland pleasure menu

to enjoy.


The not-too-large "home-style" menu changes once a week,

with traditional combinations from our house.


The "Heimat-Genuss-Menu" consists of the following components.

Only regional products are used in this menu, thus supporting local producers and Portuguese traders.



Prepared by master hands, clear cold

tomato essence that is not red. This elegant, refreshing summer soup is served with

home-baked focaccia bread and

a juicy tomato garnish.


Main course

Handmade Involtini from

Portuguese young beef, prepared by master chef René. These very popular meat roulades are stuffed

with fresh spinach and regional cheese. This gourmet dish is served

Specialty with a finely seasoned port wine jus, fresh mushrooms,

an onion-celery puree with spring leeks and braised

Shallots on baked potato balls.



Annett's homemade popular bee sting cake.


Price per person €31.50 for 3 courses

[we serve slightly smaller portion sizes in this menu]

Cookery courses

For friends of good taste

Learn the ease of cooking

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