Breakfast Menu

09.00 h-11.00 h

Cinamon French Toast

Two French toasts, with cinnamon and yoghurt Esspuma. This exquisite speciality is served with fresh berries, berries, coulombs and paralleled white chocolate.



Blueberry pancakes

Three blueberry pan caches,

served with honey syrup and cream.



Gourmet cuts

Toasted bread with fine chives, scrambled eggs and fried bacon. This breakfast speciality is served with melted cherry tomatoes and seasonal leaf salad.



House pickled salmon bread

Home-marinated salmon on regional crusty bread. This delicacy is served with a finely seasoned marinade, fresh avocado, cream cheese and a small salad with homemade balsamic dressing.



Snack for one person

Three different fine cold meats, two types of cheese and two small rolls. This breakfast is served with a homemade fruit jelly and fine butter and fine butter.



Vegetarian snack for one person

Small, fine selection of cheeses, with two types of regional cheese and a cream cheese refined with herbs. This vegetarian breakfast variation is served with melted cherry tomatoes, avocado butter avocado butter and two small rolls.



Portugal cheese toast

The regional crispy Portugal cheese toast, with three different types of cheese from our region, with fine noble flavours. This unique toast speciality is served with a small herb and tomato salad.